Teeny Tiny Stories of Funny & Fun Times at My Grands' Farm

About the Teeny, Tiny Stories

Hi!  I am Michelle Boddie.  I was blessed to grow up with the love and kindness of four beloved grandparents, a.k.a. grands.  My paternal grands retained their land, where they raised their children, for the entirety of their lives and farmed it, as well.  Recently, I completed a little e-book featuring a few stories of visits with these grands.  Each of these tiny stories, that I'm sharing with you, were experienced during my visits.  In these teeny, tiny, humorous and/or fun stories I tell you about:

·        CHAPTER ONE - "Mooing with the Boddie Cows"  
·        CHAPTER TWO - "The Pig Pen, Hen, Baby Chicks, Granddaddy James & Me"
·        CHAPTER THREE - "Dressing the Chickens with Grandmoma Agnes"
·        CHAPTER FOUR - "He Made Me a Fisher of Fish"   
·        CHAPTER FIVE - "Me, My Grandmother Agnes & Her Vacuum Cleaner", and
·        CHAPTER SIX - "Me, My Granddaddy James and His Cuddly Bear Hugs"

I hope the stories will make you smile or laugh.  Also, if these stories cause you to think of humorous, fun times you’ve experienced with your family, friends and/or acquaintances, as well, I’ve achieved a delightful goal!  
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